Invest in UBCO

Play a part in making the world a more sustainable place, where recreation and commercial utility vehicles are electric and intelligent.

Since day one our utility vehicles have been built for hard work. Engineered and tested in New Zealand, now adopted by consumers and businesses globally. Our goal is to accelerate the global transition to electric mobility by designing the world’s toughest electric utility vehicles that are effortless, safe, intelligent and affordable.

We have reached a landmark point in the UBCO growth journey. On a pathway to a significant Series B raise in 2021, we have the potential for a stock exchange listing within the following two years.

UBCO has already made considerable progress accelerating the transition to electric mobility by making the world’s toughest electric utility vehicles.  UBCO 2X2 bikes are loved by our customers the world over and have stacked up over 15 million kilometres worldwide and counting.

By investing in UBCO you’re investing in the future of electric mobility.  Learn more.

UBCO Series B Investor Deck Preview